Do You Wear Boat Shoes With Socks (4 Simple & easy tips)

Although many of us are used to wearing socks inside our shoes, however, there are various types of shoes with which one can’t wear socks, no matter how habitual they are.

And boat shoes are one of them. Because of this drawback, people often start comparing boat shoes vs. loafers because they assume that they can wear socks under loafers and, as a result, ditch the perfect boat shoes.

There is no need to worry about this simple issue because we are always ready to solve all your concerns. In this blog post, we have come up with different and easy hacks through which you will wear your socks under your boat shoes.

Do You Wear Boat Shoes With Socks

So here is a little introduction to what boat shoes exactly are. Boat shoes are usually hand-sewn shoes with a low cut having a design like a moccasin.

They consist of laces on the top with soles made of rubber placed inside them. The material on which boat shoes are made is either leather or canvas.

They are designed so that even women can carry them easily without having thoughts about how to wear boat shoes. They are made of such material to repulse the water and keep them safe from any damage.

Now coming to the point. The main agenda of this post is to wear boat shoes with socks. Well, the simple answer to this question would be a big NO.

The boat shoes were initially designed to be worn without socks and on the boat because all that water would make the socks wet and ruin the whole boating mood.

However, the world is full of variety and diversity. Hence, different people prefer different fashion senses. One can wear them if they are in dire need of them, with low-cut or no-show ankle socks.

Tips on How You Can Carry Boat Shoes With Socks

Here are some tips for you on how to wear and carry socks and boat shoes together; let us have a look:

1. Contrast Long Pants With Black Socks

One can wear black dress socks under the boat shoes only if he is wearing some black pants. This is suggested because usually, dress socks are thinner than the regular socks we wear in daily life.

You can even match them with a light supper, a coat, or a blazer. And you are good to go for cold weather and comfy casual attire. Go for the shorter pants.

Shorts are always a great choice in summer especially. If one is a fashion follower and prefers to flaunt a classy yet sassy look, then shorts with boat shoes should be the first option on the list.

Moreover, if you want to wear socks with boat shoes and shorts, you can opt for the no-show or low-cut socks. These socks do not go up from the ankles and will not ruin all that classy summer look.

2. Boat Shoes With Striped Socks

Want to look funky and carefree while carrying your new boat shoes? Here is a tip, wear some striped socks with your boat shoes this evening while going out with friends.

This contrast of casual striped socks with your boat shoes will give off those carefree, spirited vibes that everyone would love about you.

Try matching the striped socks with some damaged jeans and a sleeveless top. The color of the top should match any of the colors added in your striped socks, and rock the night with your striped socks and boat shoes!

3. Shorts, Capris, And The No-Show Socks

Are you one of those people who prefer less clothing during summer? Well, who does not?! So being a female and a fashionista, if you are confused about what to wear with boat shoes, is female.

Do not worry about that. We recommend you wear no-show socks under your boat and pair it up with a dark-colored or khaki top. This way, you can show off your summer look with your ankle socks and boat shoes amazingly.

4. Contrast Your Outfit With Your Socks

Be playful with the colors. You can be creative while contrasting your outfit with the accessories. Match your outfit with your low-cut socks.

We can also suggest to you some color combinations that always look good on everyone. Such as pink with pale blue, maroon and tan, dirty white with light brown, etc.

Since boat shoes are casual wear just like any other ordinary standard shoes that you wear daily. You can carry them with all types of clothes worn in everyday life like jeans, polo shirts, t-shirts, and other casual attire.

Buying Guide

Select a neutral color that goes with all of your outfits. You should always choose such neutral colors that can be worn with most of their outfits.

The most preferred colors are black, brown, and dark blue, as they can quickly go with any outfit color. These colors of boat shoes can be easily carried by anyone wearing light-colored pants or a dark-toned shirt.

In order to create your style or work as a trendsetter, feel free to wear boat shoes in light colors. Because you surely know what looks good on you.

Pick The Leather Material

We usually recommend leather-made boat shoes to everyone because they can match any type of attire, from semi-formal to casual.

The thing about canvas boat shoes is that they can’t match the class of that semi-formal attire. Therefore, it is always better to opt for boat shoes made of leather so that you can match them with all your clothes at most.

Go For The Excellent Quality Brands

We know that not every one of us can afford expensive quality boat shoes. But still, if you ask for our opinion, boat shoes should be your long time investment. You should buy boat shoes for yourself once and for a longer period.

This is why one should always get their hands on a premium quality boat shoe. One of the good sides about these good-quality boat shoes is that they keep your feet reasonable, saving them from all kinds of chafing as well as blisters.

Identify Your Perfect Fit

Of course, you would not want to invest in something that does not fit you well, right? Hence, to save yourself from the hassle of returning or exchanging those boat shoes you got because you like them so much.

Or because you would not want to indulge in visiting the outlets every other day. First of all, identify your correct size, the one chosen pair that fits you well.

Get yourself educated about how to break in your boat shoes. The first and foremost thing right after making the purchase of your boat shoes is checking for any defects.

Whether you have bought them online or directly from the shop. Always check for any damages and return them immediately if you find any.


Since boat shoes are in style in 2021, everyone wishes to have a pair or two at least. However, not all of us are comfortable wearing shoes without socks.

At the same time, boat shoes were designed and meant to be worn without socks. In this post, all these tips were written to make it easy for every one of you to know how to wear boat shoes with socks.

If you would ask for our opinion, we will still suggest you own yourself despite all these guidelines written above.

If you feel comfortable with socks even if you are wearing boat shoes and you have the guts to flaunt it that way, too, then definitely go for this way. After all, you are the decision-maker of your life.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I Wear Boat Shoes With Socks In Winter Too?

Although, it is recommended not to wear boat shoes during wintertime as they were solely designed for summers and hot climates. But still, if anyone feels like wearing them in winter too; then there is no compulsion not to. Just go with your heart.

Can Boat Shoes Be Worn During Hiking?

Everything has its own purpose. Similarly, there are outstanding quality runners out there, that you can wear during hiking.

It is better not to bother or make yourself uncomfortable by wearing boat shoes while hiking. Trust us; you will not have a good experience with all those blisters.

Is It Ok To Wear Boat Shoes When It Is Raining?

Yes, you can wear boat shoes even if it is raining but try to avoid them to eliminate any damage. Otherwise, it is your shoes and your choice whether you want to wear them in water or not.

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