How To Remove Silicone From A Fiberglass Boat (3 Effective Steps)

How To Remove Silicone From A Fiberglass Boat

Removing silicone from a fiberglass boat can be a challenging task especially when you don’t want to damage the base gel coat. It is quite hard to get rid of the stubborn silicone without affecting the gel coat. This is indeed a difficult substance to get off any surface. Let’s find out how to remove … Read more

How To Refinish A Fiberglass Boat (6 Helpful Steps)

How To Refinish A Fiberglass Boat

How to refinish a fiberglass boat? Most recreational boats are put together with fiberglass. It is a cost-effective material as compared to steel and wood. In spite of everything it gets tarnished and decayed over time just like steel and wood. This is why it requires some reconditioning and you can put it back into … Read more

How To Install Boat Seat Pedestal Base (3 Easy Steps)

How To Install Boat Seat Pedestal Base

A boat seat on a pedestal base is like the captain’s seat in a van. In a boat, we mounted the seat on a pedestal at some tall height. Pedestal seats provide the captain of the boat with a wide view of the water, to spot the fish on the line. Pedestal seats make the … Read more

How To Fix A Hole On A Fiberglass Boat (6 Easy Steps)

How To Fix A Hole On A Fiberglass Boat

Don’t ignore that crack on the hull of your fiberglass boat, it may expand and lead to a hole. You need to fix it before it worsens. God knows what lies beneath that crack, maybe there already is a hole. Fixing a hole in a fiberglass boat is not a very complex task. You need … Read more

How Do Cruise Ships Not Tip Over (7 Important Things to Know)

How Do Cruise Ships Not Tip Over

Have you ever experienced luxurious trips on cruise ships? You loved sailing amidst the seas across the world in a perfect style. But being flabbergasted, are you still thinking about how cruise ships do not tip over? Even the rough conditions and the big harsh waves cannot tip over your cruise ship. How Do Cruise … Read more

Do You Wear Boat Shoes With Socks (4 Simple & easy tips)

Do You Wear Boat Shoes With Socks

Although many of us are used to wearing socks inside our shoes, however, there are various types of shoes with which one can’t wear socks, no matter how habitual they are. And boat shoes are one of them. Because of this drawback, people often start comparing boat shoes vs. loafers because they assume that they … Read more

Boat Rooster Tail Device (7 Simple & easy tips)

Boat Rooster Tail Device

Want to show off your skills on the waters this summer? But your boat is not producing magnificent rooster tails. No worries man, there are many devices available in the market that can help you achieve a sky-high rooster tail and that’s known as a boat rooster tail device. However, it is not that difficult … Read more

Boat Pulls To The Right (4 Important Things to Know)

Boat Pulls To The Right

Have you ever wondered why your boat pulls to the right? Sometimes it becomes so difficult to hold onto the steering wheel as there is a constant pull toward the starboard side. The problem aggravates as the speed increases. Usually boats with a single cable mechanical steering system experience such unintended right turns. The boat … Read more

Boat Listing To One Side (5 Important Thing to Know)

Boat Listing To One Side

Boat listing to one side is a problem faced by many boaters a grave issue that should not be ignored. Apparently, a trivial issue but can prove to be detrimental to your boat. However, the tilt of your boat is not always dangerous, at times it’s only because of rough weather. Strong winds do affect … Read more