Boat Rooster Tail Device (7 Simple & easy tips)

Want to show off your skills on the waters this summer? But your boat is not producing magnificent rooster tails.

No worries man, there are many devices available in the market that can help you achieve a sky-high rooster tail and that’s known as a boat rooster tail device.

However, it is not that difficult to throw impressive rooster tails. A little play with your trim tabs can produce awesome results but will significantly lessen the performance of your propellor.

Don’t compromise on your boat’s performance, use these devices to throw the rooster tail instead of using your prop to do the task.

Although producing a huge rooster tail that runs for miles looks cool, be mindful of others and do not swamp the boats around you with your rooster tail.

Boat Rooster Tail Device

A rooster tail is the fountain of water that a boat creates behind it while speeding up. The propeller draws the water from under the pad of the boat and pushes it upward thus creating a volcano-like eruption of water that looks like a rooster tail.

Getting this effect by your boat is not a big deal. However, you would need a sterndrive or an outboard motor with trim tabs for this purpose.

Then you can easily create a rooster tail by adjusting these trim tabs. The size of the tail would depend upon many factors.

Sometimes, it is just a long and shallow trail that a boat leaves behind in the wake. It may be because you have not trimmed enough or perhaps due to the design of your hull which also plays a part.

To throw a magnificent rooster tail that runs for miles, you are required to grasp some techniques. Learn to use trim tabs effectively to achieve your objective.

Trim tabs make your engine more efficient by distributing the weight evenly on the boat. You can use the tabs effectively to improve the boat’s angle.

If it is leaning to one side make use of trim tabs to stabilize it. Anyhow, trim tabs when used to get a rooster tail reduce the efficiency of the engine, thus resulting in reduced speed.

The Positive And Negative Trim

Outboard and sterndrives have a power trim feature that enables the boaters to adjust the angle of their boat. Trim tabs are useful in the even distribution of weight on the boat whereas power trim helps adjust the propeller.

If a propeller is over-trimmed you would not get the propeller’s optimum performance. It was originally made to move the boat forward, but when trimmed up or down.

Then the prop has to lift or drop the stern along with pushing the boat forward. It increases the burden on the prop and slows it down thus increasing the prop slip.

Trim tabs and power trim both work together to enhance the efficiency of your boat. Adjust your trim tabs to have a smooth ride. In the beginning, keep your bow trimmed down, it will enhance the performance of the engine.

Once on the water, adjust the trim setting according to water conditions and your requirement.

Trimming up which is also known as positive trim lifts the bow of the boat, consequently lowering the stern, trimming down or you can say negative trim would lower the bow.

And the engine of the boat and the stern would be raised thus making half of the prop emerge out of the water.

Power trim would be used to adjust the propeller and trim tabs would be required to trim the hull of the boat.

How To Create Rooster Tails

Your boat can throw rooster tails if it has an outboard motor or a sterndrive and can be trimmed up and down by using trim tabs.

1. To start with, trim your engine all the way down while it’s in a neutral position. In this way, the boat will swiftly get on the plane.

2. Next, move forward and gradually increase the speed.

3. Now it’s time to adjust the trim tabs. Slightly trim up while increasing the speed.

4. Continue to trim up the engine, giving pauses in between while escalating the speed of your boat. Consequently, the bow will rise and the stern of the boat will lower.

5. Keep an eye on the speed, RPMs, and propeller’s ventilation or cavitation. When you have trimmed up enough, the speed will slow down slightly.

6. The propeller would be half in water and half above the water. The prop shaft would be slightly facing downwards. It will collect the water from under the pad and spurt it out like a rooster tail.

7. Continue to increase the speed and get more spectacular rooster tails.

However, it can be dangerous, and a sudden shift in trim tabs is not at all advisable. Monitor the speed of your boat and gradually trim up the engine.

Your Boat is Unable to Throw Rooster Tail

If you think that your boat is unable to throw a rooster tail then take some steps to figure out the problem and try to solve this. Here are some reasons that can cause your boat not to throw a rooster tail.

1. You Have Not Trimmed Properly

If you are having trouble throwing an impressive rooster tail then most probably you have not trimmed up your engine properly.

You need to trim more so that half of the propellor is in water and half is extending out. This will make it easier to collect water and shoot it out like a fountain.

2. Speed Is Too Low

Another reason can be your speed. Perhaps you are too slow and need to increase your speed. A taller and more skillful rooster tail requires enough speed so that the propeller can get more water and then push it upward to form that fountain.

3. Propeller Is Ventilating

Finally, check your propeller, possibly it is ventilating. When you trim up more, the prop will suck air and can result in cavitation.

If this is the case then your propeller will not throw fountain-like water. However, there is a plate on top of the propeller that can help in reducing prop ventilation and cavitation.

If everything is working properly and still you’re not managing to produce tall enough rooster tails then your hull design is not suitable for it.

Certain devices in the market can help in enhancing the ability of your boat to throw huge rooster tails. Consider installing one.

Standard Hard Mount and Easy Mount Rooster Boost Device

Standard and Ez mount rooster boost is there to help you out in obtaining those beautiful rooster tails. It comes with a two-year limited warranty available in both stainless steel and aluminum designs.

It can be installed easily on your flat transom. If it doesn’t fit properly to your boat, extra hardware will be provided otherwise you can get your money back.

It is suitable for an outboard that is manufactured after 1985 and is 40 HP, in this case, this EZ Mount can be added to your boat in no time. Mounting plates are available with this kit.

However, if you have a 35 HP then too you can use their Hard Mount Kit with some adaptations. Easy Mount Brackets and extensions will not be available for 35 HP.

Anyway adjustment brackets will be provided to install this device.

Easy Mount Rooster Boost can be installed on a flat, curved, pontoon, and most curved transom. Don’t have an outboard, worry not, your inboards can get this device as well.

Contact the manufacturers and get their advice on this issue. Rooster Boost Device is available for $179.99 to $299.99, a bit over-priced but if you’re fond of throwing rooster tail and have an outboard then go for it.

Rooster Booster 8 Degree Wedge

This device by CPP Performance is back with a bang, more improved to give you that ultimate experience on the water. Having fun on the lake with your buddies is no big deal with this device.

You can get those tall and long rooster tails at the same time. It includes 2 nozzle gaskets and mounting bolts. The device is best installed on a Berkeley-style split bowl jet drive and if you don’t have one then try mounting the other device that fits on your boat.

Rooster Booster 8-degree is made out of 356t aluminum and its 8-degree angle helps in throwing out those biggest rooster tails ever. If the specifications and the company’s claims fascinate you then go ahead and buy it. The device is available for $ 169.99 only.

Final Words

Throwing rooster tail looks cool, however, there are certain hazards involved in this activity that should not be overlooked. Avoid sudden trim shifts.

You can go gradually from down to up or vice versa but abstain from abrupt changes in the angle of your boat, especially at high speeds and on turns as it might overturn.

Rooster tails can reduce the efficiency of your propeller. The extra burden on the prop will lessen its ability thus resulting in decreased speed.

Some people will admire your rooster tails but at the same time, some might feel you’re creating trouble for them. So be careful of your surroundings, and do not prove to be a menace to others.

Keep some distance from other people while trying it out, don’t attempt these rooster tails in a crowded place as they may soak others.

Have fun and enjoy your rooster tails!

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