How To Install Boat Seat Pedestal Base (3 Easy Steps)

A boat seat on a pedestal base is like the captain’s seat in a van. In a boat, we mounted the seat on a pedestal at some tall height.

Pedestal seats provide the captain of the boat with a wide view of the water, to spot the fish on the line.

Pedestal seats make the boat safe as they give the operator a better view of the bow of the boat. You can replace the boat seat pedestals from time to time.

These are best for fishing boats; you can change the direction of your seat as per your requirement.

How To Install Boat Seat Pedestal Base

If you are interested in replacing the boat seat pedestal base, proceed with the below guideline to solve your problem.

Step 1: Inspection of Boat

Your first target is to inspect the boat, and notice those points where the wiring harnesses and fuel tanks are located.

This will prevent any substantial damage because you will never drill in these places. In case there is a marine carpet on the deck of your boat, remove it to inspect these components.

Step 2: Create Holes in The Base Plate

Create one-inch holes with a drill machine in a base plate. Created the holes in that place where mounting bolts will penetrate the deck.

Fill all the holes with epoxy resin. The epoxy resin will fill the holes and prevent water leakage while constructing the deck. Make sure that the resin is present in the hole for at least three days.

Step 3: Secure the Pedestal Seat

Place the base plate on the top of the hole. Use the base plate as a template for the remaining screws; you need to install them under the deck.

Use blind fasteners to secure the pedestal under the deck. Make sure that you have secured the hardware, and that you have done this in less time efficiently.

Best Seat Pedestals

The best seat pedestal provides you with a splendid chance to have a broader view of the water. Lower-end seat pedestals do not provide you with a surety that they will run for a long time.

When you are going to purchase a seat pedestal, never choose a cheap and low-quality model. The best seat pedestal must be your priority.

Depending on your needs, choose the right product for you. We have written this detailed article to let you know about your best seat pedestal.

1. NORTHCAPTAIN T1 Deluxe Low Back Folding Boat Seat

This is a low-back boat seat design ideal for fishing and boating. It creates more space through aluminum hinges that enable the backrest to flip down.

Interestingly, this durable seat can withstand the long-term rigors of a marine environment. This Injection-molded plastic seat frame is made from UV-resistant polypropylene.

Padding is durable because of high-density compression. You can easily install this seat pedestal on your boat at a quick pace.


With a strong build, elegant design, and decent structure, the NORTHCAPTAIN T1 Deluxe Low Back Folding Boat Seat is a seat pedestal you should consider for adjusting to your boat seat.

2. Attwood 91320-ADJ Swivel-Eze Adjustable Pedestal

It is reliable and worth buying. It provides durability and height adjustability that makes it outstanding.

If you want to drive the boat in the marine environment, the black powder coat finish will withstand all the rigors. It comprises a mounting plate and a mounting seat that makes it exceptional.

It comprises ergonomic handles that are made of stainless steel components. In a nutshell, this pedestal can be the best option for you.


With so many fascinating features, those people who can afford this device can consider this seat pedestal. The ergonomic handles can help those who want to have the best pedestals.

3. Wise Boat Seat Pedestal

This product features sturdy construction, and it has a pre-drilled hole pattern that can mount many boat seats. You can install your boat seat on the seat pedestal at a quick pace.

It is a durable and good-looking seat pedestal. It prevents corrosion and is rust-treated. If you looking for a good budget seat pedestal; you can go for this option.


This seat pedestal can be a dream for those people who want to have the best one. Because it has so many features which can help them to adjust it easily to their boat seats for having a wider view of the water. In a nutshell, this seat pedestal can be their consideration.

4. Swivel-Eze Lakes Port Adjustable Seat Pedestal

This is one of the simplest and cheapest seat pedestals. It provides you with maximum comfort and reliability. Interestingly, it has a super anodized post that provides you with long-lasting durability.

It includes a seat mount and a 9-inch diameter aluminum base and is engineered to exceed American Boat and Yacht Council standards. They are complicated to use and maintain, but it is reliable and worth buying.


In a nutshell, those people who can afford this can prefer this seat pedestal. If you want to have the performance of a seat pedestal with an aluminum base, then you would never get disappointed by this device. You will feel highly satisfied by purchasing this high-quality seat pedestal.

5. Springfield 1603825 Taper Lock pedestal

This seat pedestal fits easily and is adjustable to the boat seats and provides you comfort and relaxation. It provides stability to the boat seats that is why we prefer it.

When you purchase this product, there will be a non-swivel with trace-lock features. You can adjust this seat pedestal to a maximum of 3 inches. It can adjust it to any boat seat; you can buy this if it is affordable for you.


Overall, it is a superb device with amazing features. Anyone who can afford this device must buy it because it has all those features that can fascinate anyone.

Top of The Choice:

The seat pedestal that I have used and experienced is Swivel-Eze Lakes port adjustable. It has made me feel inspired by its exciting features.

Moreover, it has proved to be a super beneficial device for me because of its 9-inch aluminum base. It is reliable and worth buying. Includes all those features a great seat pedestal should have.

It impressed with this seat pedestal after three weeks of purchasing it. Adjustable for any boat seat. Its design is remarkable and incredible. It has been super smooth and fast.

Buying Guide

If you have purchased a boat and you are looking for the best boat seat pedestals, we have presented you with a buying guide that will let you know about the perfect boat seat pedestals.

Science has done great wonders alone. Every day, there is an invention in science and technology.

Comfort and strength are preferences of everyone whether they want to buy anything. Below are some points you should consider while buying a boat seat pedestal.

Material and Design

It is important to notice that you get what you pay for while buying anything. If you spend more money, purchase the best one that is high quality in the material.

A high-quality seat pedestal absorbs shocks and provides you with safety. Whether you want to buy a cheap or expensive seat pedestal, never compromise on your needs and preferences.

Aluminum and steel are two important components of the seat pedestal. Steel is heavier than aluminum but it is 250 times denser than aluminum. Steel provides you with more durability than aluminum.

Stability Of A Pedestal

Pedestal ensures the stability of a boat seat. It provides you with a splendid chance to drive your boat in rough water with ease. It reduces the chance of wobbling. There must be a wide base to install the pedestal. You must screw the mount so tightly that it never moves around.

Height Adjustability

If you find a height-adjustable seat pedestal in the market, go for it. It will provide you with versatility. You can adjust the position of your seat according to your needs.

If you feel comfortable with an inferior position, lower the seat. If you feel comfortable with an influential position, higher the seat.

Most of the pedestals have a gas lift or pneumatic riser for this purpose. However, you can adjust your seat with the pedestal as per your requirements.

Location Of Seat

Before buying a seat pedestal, identify the location where you want to install the boat seat. For example, if you want to install it on the driver’s seat, there are certain requirements. You should also decide whether you want to buy a removable or permanent seat pedestal for your boat seat.

Final Word

In this detailed article, we have tried our level best to present a valuable answer to your question,’’ How to install a boat seat pedestal base?’’. A seat pedestal provides your boat stability.

It provides you with a splendid chance to have a broader view of the water. You must prioritize the best seat pedestals.

Overall, I hope that this content was helpful for you, and through this list, you can easily decide which seat pedestal can be your priority according to your needs of daily routine.

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