How To Tie Boat Shoelaces (4 Tips & Easy Steps)

Are you confused about what shoes to wear with your jeans and t-shirts? Boat shoes are perfect and excellent to add on because they can easily complement any of your outfits.

However, you may find tying its laces to be a bit challenging. Is it so? If yes, then we got an easy guide ahead to know how to tie boat shoelaces.

You do not need to worry anymore about it in your summer. Beat the scorching heat with a tension-free mind and perfect dressing.

How To Tie Boat Shoelaces

There are lots of ways to tie the boat’s shoelaces. When we talk about boat shoelaces it means which type of knot we gonna like and tie.

There are different types of knots and we are going to explain them. But you can also customize your own style of knot and you can make your own style.

Types Of Knots

Here are some different types of knots for boat shoelaces. You can try one of them.

Barrel knots

Get loads of compliments with this appealing barrel knot. Make a loop by folding your lace over it. Give a twist to your loop. Make sure you wrap up 5 times your remaining lace.

Thread the lace end to the loop end. Now pull the lace end and tighten the knot by pushing it. Trim off the excess lace.

Chain Lace Knot

The lace must come across your boat shoe’s front so you can make its loop. Use the other hand to make another loop.

The other loop must go in the first loop from its back. Tighten it up by pulling it hard. Repeat it twice or thrice. Tuck the lace end to the ends of the final loop of every knot. Don’t forget to tuck every chain’s end into the other one.

Fishtail Knot

Insert your lace in the vertical eyelets. Make sure every side comes up when you cross the lace. It should be on the opposite side of its loop. Move on from left to right and follow the steps thrice.

Ensure a tight knot. Trim the extra lace. Tuck-in laces end at the back of the braid.
Go ahead with another guideline for different knots.

Tassel Knot

If you don’t wish to retire your shoe, you can go for this type of knot. Do you know why it is so? Adding a twist to your barrel knot will let you enjoy the tassel knot on your boat shoe.

Crossing your laces over each other means left on the right side, followed by right on the left side for creating a square knot. Create a loop by holding one lace.

Wrap your remaining lace thrice around its loop. At last, tuck in the ends and tighten up.

Step By Step Instructions- How To Tie Boat Shoe Laces?

Let us dive into the step-by-step instructions to provide you with clear insight if turning your boat shoelaces. Here you go:

Step 1:
Place your shoe first on any flat surface. Then you can see small holes on both sides of your shoes. Criss crosses the thread in the holes present at the shoe’s front. Make sure it creates a slack so you can tie it in a knot shape.

Step 2:
Ensure that your laces are parallel. How can you do that? Cross them over each other. Your right lace will be at the left side of your left lace. At one spot, both the laces will form an X.
There is something more to it.

Step 3:
Pick your right lace from the bottom of the other lace. Pick it up and cross over the left lace’s top. Now, you need to pick your new loop formed right now.

You have to end it where you wish to tighten it. It must be three inches apart from where you kept it down. You clip the excessive length as you wish. Don’t do this before pulling it tight.

Just hold both ends close to each other. It is the best way for stability. If you use clamps or pliers, these tools are essential for helping additionally in secure tightening.

However, keep in mind not to tighten too much by pulling really hard. It can create wrinkles on your laces, and surely, you will never love it.

Step 4:
Finally, you can see a mirror and a symmetrical image of your laces. Though one side remains higher than the other side, it reflects the real shape of ‘X.“

Step 5:
You can repeat the same steps from 2-4 in the opposite direction. Ultimately, you can see a tight and smooth finish when you can easily and neatly tuck in the loose ends in the shoes.

Step 6:
If you find any excessive lace on the top of your boat shoe, cut it off with scissors or nail clippers cleanly. You will love the finished look of your boat shoes. After all, you do not want to see excessively long-end pieces poking and hanging from the lace loops under the surface. It will give an unfinished look.


The article will share some valuable tricks and tips to let you know how to tie boat shoelaces. Grab a pen and note down all the valuable tips:

TIP 1:
When you plan to cut the loose ends of your boat shoe, you do not need to trim too closely. It is possible you can do it later on as well when they start poking out.

However, if you don’t like the exposed bits of loose ends, you can cover them with clear tape. It is only if you are short of time. You must shave it off with the right tools if you have sufficient time.

Tip 2:
Lay your shoe on a flat surface for sure. Then both of your hands must lie on both sides of the front part. Hope things are clear to you! You must have a tight grip.

One hand must stretch up when your thumbs have movement from every end towards the loop’s middle part of the laces intersecting each other. The laces must have enough slack for over-crossing and tying a knot.

Tip 3:
Remember that your thumbs and fingers are your hooks. All you do is pull and overlap it from one side to the shoe’s other side.

You can temporarily place that loop flat on its top and then go for the slack. Ultimately, all the loose ends come up in the same direction. Deal with every loop one by one and tie the knot (overhand).

Tip 4:
Lastly, you must tie off the loose lace’s final loop to the overhand knot for tight security against the boat shoe’s front.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the laces lie on the side of the boat shoes?

Laces are on the boat shoes’ side because it ensures that the foot has the shoe. These laces are present for tightening sand, creating a comfy fit around the ankle.

Moreover, the eyelets release pressure to maintain the airflow in the summer days. It is a perfect step to avoid stiff leather on the skin.

What should be the tightness of the shoelaces?

You can never tell the exact tightness of the shoe for any person because it has a variation for every person.

Mark this rule of thumb that fits one of your fingers between the foot and your boat shoe. However, it may vary according to the feet’ width and narrowness.

What is the usual color of boat shoes?

You will mostly find boat shoes in black color. It is a strong belief that it is the creation in the 1920s era for the yachting clubs’ uniforms.

Back then, these boat shoes were waterproof and durable because they were made of black leather-tanned.

It was just to do so as these shows were part of the uniforms at sea. Wearing them at sea brought them full exposure to the natural elements.

Furthermore, the tennis attire brought a secondary influence. The style appeared for the first time in vogue with the predominantly white outfit.

Wrap Up

To sum up, you know it well that a shoe has shoelaces as its most crucial part. You need to tie and secure them. These are a must for supporting and holding back your feet in their place, ensuring to tie them properly to experience the snag fit.

This long-lasting experience will create more love for your boat shoes. This article discussed in detail how to tie boat shoelaces.

It is an easy job. All you have to do is follow the tips and tricks to secure a tight knot. Make a loop for it and cross over to make a knot. Remind you this tip works well with all shoes with the laces. Be a pro by tying all the laces of your boat shoe like it.


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